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Beaudesert Rangers holds and competes in small-sided junior soccer competitions for the Under 7 & 8 age groups.
Beaudesert Soccer Club-Under 7 & 8 Junior Soccer


When forming our Under 7 – Under 8 junior soccer teams, preferences will be given for returning players from the previous season to return to their previous season team, up until we have our afternoon where players get allocated to their teams.
Soon after sign-on days, the club Registrar and Committee members will spend time organising data to form teams. We always do our best to place every player who has registered into a team. Unfortunately, there are times when this may not be possible due to lack of numbers or too many players in an age group. In this case, you will be notified and any fees that have been paid refunded, and clothing can be returned and refunded if not worn. We can also refer you onto another local club at your request.

At the time of registering, special requests can be made for junior soccer players, e.g., to play with friends; to be coached by a certain coach; or a preferred training night. Again, we attempt/try to give players their requests, but this is not always possible. If you want to make a special request after registering, please contact the Registrar immediately on registrar@beaudesertsoccer.com.au.

Generally, teams will also be formed after consideration of all “Request to Play with a Friend” forms which can be completed and received at sign-on.

Teams are not graded on ability, however, from time-to-time situations may arise, through no fault of anyone, that one or more teams are either far superior, or far inferior, in ability compared with other Beaudesert junior soccer teams.  

Beaudesert Rangers strives to ensure that the children enjoy their football, and even though scores are not recorded in small-sided games, when one or more teams are consistently beaten by large scores, their enthusiasm for the game quickly diminishes.   


Players need to be aged appropriately for that age group e.g., as at 31 December the previous year, if the child is aged 6 years, then you are able to play in the U7 competition – (this means your child is turning 7 sometime during that season). Proof of age is required for new junior soccer players, e.g., birth certificate or passport.  


Under 7 – Under 8 junior soccer age groups operate under a set of modified rules.

All Parents/Guardians/Players/Family Members are expected to abide by all Behaviour requirements described in the Junior Sports Code of Behaviour.


The junior soccer competition may involve some traveling depending on the age groups. All matches are played on Saturday, typically between 8am and 11am, except for the odd occasion where a replayed or rescheduled match may need to be played mid-week in the afternoon.

Game Time

Games are 15 minutes halves (U7) and 20 minutes halves (U8) with a 5 minute break in between the halves.  There are normally 8-9 players allocated per junior soccer team with 6 players (including a goal keeper on the field at any one time).  The remaining 2-3 players are rotated through by the Coach/Manager onto the field.  

Beaudesert Rangers Soccer Club Fair Game Policy pledges equal playing time for ALL PLAYERS regardless of the player’s ability and also the option to play with a friend.


Training for this junior soccer age group is only 1 day per week and typically for 1 hour.  Preference for training this age group is in the afternoons anytime between 4:00pm till 6:00pm (age appropriate) and after agreement with your coach and club management (depending on the number of teams, times available and availability of your coach).

Coaches and Managers

One parent is required to be the coach of the team and likewise one parent is required to be the manager of the team.  A team allocation day is held prior to the junior soccer season were the players of the teams are announced along with the coach and managers (or search to find). Should we not have any persons nominated for coach and manager, they will be asked for on the day (this normally is not a problem as there is always someone wishing to coach and manage in most teams). 

If you are interested then indicate in the registration process when you are registering if you are wishing to coach or manage a junior soccer team.  There is a REQUIREMENT to hold a Blue Card if you are the Coach or Manager of any team, regardless whether your child is in that team or not. Blue Cards are free as volunteers and our Secretary will only be too happy to assist you in the application for a blue card.

The club attempts to supply our own trained referees to save you as a parent or a coach/manager having to referee the game. There are no extra game fees to be paid each week.

asked questions

You can go through our website and sign up on-line, or at our sign-on days at the Clubhouse. On the home page, it provides the details of time and dates. Note, you cannot take part in training or playing fixtures until you have signed-on. If you are new to Beaudesert Soccer Club, you will need to prove age, which includes either a Birth Certificate (or Extract of Birth); Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate.

Go to the Register page on our website to complete your registration on-line.  No player will be allowed to participate at training or matches unless they are fully registered. 

You must have turned four (5) years of age by 31 December 2020.  However, Tiny Tots can be between 4yrs and 5yrs as of 31/12/2020.

Please visit our Fees page for current registration fees.

Association Fees (QCSA); Basic Player Insurance; Trophies; Playing Jerseys; Supporter Shirt for all new players only in 2021; Playing Equipment including goals, game balls, bibs, bags, cones, etc.; Coaching Courses and Coaching Aids; Various fun days and carnivals; Club presentation day ; Building & Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance; Contents Insurance; Equipment Capital Expenditure and Maintenance; Utility Costs and Administrative Costs. 

No further registration fees are payable throughout the year (unless registration fees haven’t been paid in full).   

Must have: Club polo shirt, Club shorts, club socks, shin pads, boots (jerseys provided by the Club) 

Should have: Soccer ball (club provided for each junior player) for training and self-learning; water bottle (for training and games) 

Could have: Club cap; club jacket 

No players are permitted to take part in any training or fixture matches unless they are wearing shin pads and shoes/soccer boots. 

You can complete a Request to Play with a Friend as part of your on-line registration as a formal request to the club to play with one or more of your friends.  This facility is mainly aimed at players in the Under 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 age groups.

Wherever possible, players who played at the Club last season are automatically allocated to that same team for the upcoming season. If you have strong views for your child not to play in the same team as last year, the Request to Play with a Friend section can also be submitted to the Club indicating your request for your child to be placed in another team if available. 

Please note that due to team size restrictions and other logistical factors, it may not be possible to satisfy all requests. 

Under 7/8: 6 on the field (5 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 9 players allowed to be registered; these teams can be mixed with both females and males. 

Under 9-14: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 15 players allowed to be registered; these teams can be mixed with both females and males.

Under 15/16 Boys: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 15 players allowed to be registered. 

Under 15/16 Girls: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 15 players allowed to be registered.

Under 17/18 Boys: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 20 players allowed to be registered. 

Senior Women/Men: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 25 players allowed to be registered. 

Over 30/40 Men: 11 on the field (10 players & 1 goal keeper) with a maximum of 25 players allowed to be registered.

Muster Day (Team Announcement) for Under 7’s to U16’s will be late February at the Beaudesert Soccer Clubhouse. 

These Team Announcement Days are when you will find out which team you have been allocated to.  It is essential that if the player cannot attend, that a parent/guardian attend this day so that they can meet the other players/parents/guardians from the team; meet the Coach; and agree on a regular training day and time. 

Under 6 – Under 15/16: Fixtures commence on Saturday 17 April 2021 and finish in August 2020.  For teams participating in competitions for Under 9-Under 15/16, they may also qualify for finals which are played in August/September;

Senior Teams and Over 30’s/40’s: Fixtures commence on Friday/Saturday 9/10 April 2021 and finish in late August 2020.  For those divisions playing 20 rounds, there may be Monday/Tuesday night games.  Some teams may also qualify for finals which are played in August/September. 

A complete schedule of fixtures for the season is not yet finalised, but will be prior to the first round of fixtures.

More information can be found in your handbook, which you will receive upon registering with our Club.

You can also contact our Registrar by emailing registrar@beaudesertsoccer.com.au or contact any member of the Beaudesert Soccer committee listed here